This section presents all the documents published during the study. 

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The first table presents the final documents of the study, as submitted for the formal approval of the European Commission.

Date Description
07-05-2015 Final report task 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
07-05-2015 Project report including all comments, comment responses and presentations


The next table presents the working documents published during the study.

Date           Description
28-06-2013 Kick-off meeting presentation
30-09-2013 questionnaire for cable manufacturers
30-09-2013 questionnaire for installers
13-11-2013 Invitation and preliminary meeting agenda for the first stakeholder meeting
13-11-2013 Notes of VITO - EUROPACABLE meeting held on Monday, 28 October 2013
30-11-2013 Template for Stakeholder Comments
30-11-2013 Task 1 draft document (1st version, outdated)
30-11-2013 Task 2 draft document (1st version, outdated)
30-11-2013 Task 3 draft document (1st version, outdated)
16-12-2013 First stakeholder meeting presentation slides
18-12-2013 Minutes of first stakeholder meeting
19-05-2014 Invitation and meeting agenda for the second stakeholder meeting

Questions from and answers to stakeholders regarding draft documents Task1-3 (version 1): ECI , Europacable , Viegand Maagoe.

26-05-2014 Task 1 (2nd version) draft document
26-05-2014 Task 2 (2nd version) draft document
26-05-2014 Task 3 (2nd version) draft document
26-05-2014 Task 4 (first version) draft document
28-05-2014 Task 5 (first version) draft document
04-09-2014 Minutes of the second stakeholder meeting
31-10-2014 Second stakeholder meeting presentation slides
31-10-2014 Questions from and answers to stakeholders regarding draft documents Task1-3 (version 2) and Task 4-5 (version 1): ECI , Europacable ,EDF , Nexans Norway.
31-10-2014 Task 1 (3rd version) report
31-10-2014 Task 2 (3rd version) report
31-10-2014 Task 3 (3rd version) report
31-10-2014 Task 4 (2nd version) report
31-10-2014 Task 5 (2nd version) report
31-10-2014 Task 6 (1st version) report
05-11-2014 Task 7 (1st version) report
14-11-2014 Third stakeholder meeting presentation slides
02-03-2015 The final report is sent for review to the European policy Officer.
06-03-2015 Minutes of the third stakeholder meeting
06-03-2015 Questions from and answers to stakeholders regarding draft documents Task 6-7 (version 1):AurubisECDBAMEAA,  ECI , Europacable ,ECOS , Cenelec
06-03-2015 Position papers:  ECI , Europacable